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Paperless Forms & Check-in kiosk, for Cliniko

Still using paper?

Are your patients arriving for their appointments without having done their paperwork? What if they're late?

How many hours do you spend on manual data entry each day? What about scanning & shredding paper forms?

Ever had to reprint intake forms because of a typo, or a wording change in your policy?

Ever been unable to read a patient's handwriting? Or had to follow-up with them because they missed answering an important question?

What about your waiting room?

Is there always someone to greet your patients as they arrive? What if they're dealing with another patient, or on the phone?

What if you don't actually have anyone in reception? How do you make your patients feel welcome then?

Already "solved" these with something that only sort-of works?

Does it sync everything you care about to the patient record? Including custom patient fields? Or is manual data-entry still required?

Did you invest resources into developing a strong, distinctive brand identity, only to be let down by one-size-fits-all form design? Like someone taped a piece of paper to a screen and called it a day?

Is your Check-in system just a web page? Where an accidental pull down from a patient refreshes the whole thing and they have to start again?

What if there was a better way?

What if your most of your patients completed their forms before arriving for their appointment? And the remainder were automatically requested on arrival?

What if your patient record was populated automatically by the patients' answers, rather than you having to do it manually?

What if your forms actually enhanced your brand? And your patients started giving you compliments?

What if your Check-in system was more than just a webpage? What if your in-clinic forms were as well?

What if your forms could do much more than just intake & consent?

That's Finger-Ink.

The best paperless Forms & Check-in system around, for Cliniko

Can I see some videos of Finger-Ink in action?

Sure! Check out our Finger-Ink features explained article.

How much does it cost?

It's absolutely free to trial. No credit card is required up-front. Check out our plans when you're ready to subscribe. If you're not ready when your trial expires, we'll extend it until you are.

How long does it take to setup?

It takes about 2 minutes to see how Check-in works, and about 5 minutes to see how Forms work. You'll want to get your own Forms into Finger-Ink — either using our Form Conversion Service, or by adding and customising them yourself.

What about security — is my data safe?

We take the security & privacy of your data very seriously. It's always encrypted — in transit and at rest. Check out our Your data in Finger-Ink article for more.

What about privacy?

Finger-Ink both complies with, and helps your clinic comply with a number of privacy frameworks. These include the GDPR, the Australian Privacy Principles, the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020.
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