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iPad receptionist & paperless forms.

You'll have them at Hello. Impress your patients, reduce your admin workload and improve your clinic's efficiency with Finger-Ink.

ipad receptionist
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iPad showing the main receptionist / kiosk mode screen
An iPad and iPhone side-by-side showing form filling in the app and on the web.
The special sauce

Web & iPad apps.

The only Cliniko connected app with a native iPad app for patient check-in & in-clinic forms, and web forms before the appointment.

Completed forms prior to the appointment, via the web
iPad receptionist facilitates check in, online bookings & more
Any missed forms completed in the clinic, via the iPad app
Do the forms sync with Cliniko?
Perfectly in sync

Cliniko updated,

All similar connected apps update the patient record — to an extent. Finger-Ink goes further — custom fields, referral sources, gender, sex, reminder types, marketing fields, privacy policy etc. In fact, we support almost every field.

Form completed

Either in-clinic, using our iPad app, or in the patient's home, on their own Mac, PC or mobile device.

Patient updated

The patient is updated in Cliniko — name, date of birth, address, privacy policy, custom fields, referral source etc.

PDF & Treatment Note

PDF is added to files and (optionally) a treatment note is created with extra answers & any fields "hidden" from the patient.

What forms can I use with Finger-Ink?
All the forms

Intake, consent, PROMS, assessment, feedback & more!

You're not limited to a set of checkboxes. You don't need to wait for someone else to make changes. Just use our custom-built form editor to import your forms from Cliniko, then make changes — themes, visibility logic, body charts, calculations, videosmore.

A screenshot of the Finger-Ink form editor.
What's this about a check-in?
An iPad showing the Finger-Ink app running in kiosk mode
Receptionist / kiosk mode


In addition to allowing in-clinic form filling, the iPad app can play receptionist — helping admin staff in a busy clinic, or filling in for them when they're not working.

Patients check themselves in on arrival
Any missed forms are required before patients can complete check-in
What else can it do?
Receptionist / kiosk mode

Booking & more

Finger-Ink's iPad receptionist can do more than just check in patients — let them book, leave a message or learn more about your services. All from the iPad, without assistance.

Book a new appointment
Leave a message for you or your team
Find out more about your services
This sounds too good to be true
iPad showing other actions in receptionist / kiosk mode
Don't just take our word for it

Loved in Australia, the UK & everywhere else.

It works seamlessly for our practice and has been easy to use for our clinicians and clients. The technical support from the Finger Ink team has been faultless. Having the option of sending a web link to forms as well as ease of the iPad app provides very professional interface without relying on the inefficiency of our previous paper based processes. I would highly recommend for practices wanting to streamline their admin.

The head-shot of a customer

Amanda Pierce

Advance Speech Pathology

It makes creating questions and logic conditions easy. I already love Finger-Ink for the easy and beautiful layout (patients compliment it all the time) but now being able to have your logo and Themes makes it even better! You guys are amazing and this just puts icing on the already great cake!

The head-shot of a customer

Cat Ridout

True Health Osteopathy

Repeat patients have found it most impressive, as they no longer have to provide all their details numerous times. Our receptionist is grateful with the time that can now be dedicated to other pressing tasks. Overall, the app and customer care have exceeded our expectations.

The head-shot of a customer

Aliyah Ahmed

Harpal Clinic

Simple to use and I love that it uploads direct to the patient Treatment Notes. Less paper and scanning for my receptionist Victoria, so she can concentrate on the patient experience.

The head-shot of a customer

Alexandra Ames

Ames Medical Services

As a small clinic we run without admin staff and thanks to Finger-Ink we are able to streamline all new patient intakes without the need for double handling any paperwork.

We are a 95% paperless clinic and the iPad check-in feature is very useful for patients checking in to their appointments when they arrive at the clinic in reception. Thanks team!

The head-shot of a customer

Jed Shepherd

Fortitude Chiropractic

Loving Finger-Ink! We are a reception-less clinic and we get compliments on our check in station every day! So excited about making the theme on the iPad checking our brand colours! Love love love the scoring feature on forms as well! So handy for getting questionnaires filled out before each appointment.

The head-shot of a customer

Marnie Poiner

The Healthy Peach Physio

The forms were easy to set up and so far all my patients have been impressed. Also the service from Brendan and team has been exceptional. Thanks for the great software!

The head-shot of a customer

Dana Robbins

Montmorency Osteopathic Clinic

Finger-Ink has been wonderful! Very helpful, easy to contact with questions, quick and easy to navigate. I always feel heard and helped and populating information straight into Cliniko has been a game changer!

Sarah Rose

Performance Podiatry

Setting up my new practice is even more exciting with Finger-Ink because it does exactly what i need it to and looks slick as! Very professional. I’m loving the function of scores the most right now and can’t wait to set it up because a valuable outcome measure we want to use has a scoring system itself so I am thrilled with how perfect this will be.

The head-shot of a customer

Stefan Jovanovski


I wasn't sure about the cost. I had to weigh up if it was worth the investment. It was, because I save SOOOOO much time NOT having to scan/upload/fill in extra info into the client details at the end of each week!

The head-shot of a customer

Alexia Langley


We chose Finger-Ink because we love the way the information is automatically filled in Cliniko, saving admin time. I also really like the visibility logic and other features. The interface is easy to use, and the plans reasonable. Thanks

The head-shot of a customer

Sally Bowden

Umbrella Psychology

Repeat patients have found it most impressive, as they no longer have to provide all their details numerous times. Our receptionist is grateful with the time that can now be dedicated to other pressing tasks. Overall, the app and customer care have exceeded our expectations.

The head-shot of a customer

Aliyah Ahmed

Harpal Clinic

The video embed and image tool on forms are great and it’s such a refreshing interface. I appreciate the transparent pricing model and ability to create rules for various forms. So far all forms have seamlessly imported to patient profiles without a glitch! It gets a 10/10 from us here!

The logo of a customer

Tabitha Spence

Thunder Training

We love using Finger-Ink in our office! Our team is more people-focused, spends their time on more valuable work and offers a higher level of customer service. We’ve also eliminated the vast majority of our printing costs. Patients love it too and are impressed with how we’re incorporating technology into their journey.

The head-shot of a customer

Shenée Taylor

Precision Chiropractic

As a solo practitioner, Finger-Ink is a game changer. All my patients' data is filed into Cliniko, and a PDF is ready for review before they arrive for the first consult. This means we can get into the session without the clipboard buzz-kill experience. My patients think the online form is great, too!

The head-shot of a customer

Matthew Stewart

Unity Osteopathy

I just wanted to say love it!!!! The outcome overall is fantastic LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it!!

The head-shot of a customer

James Tomkins

JET Podiatry

Extremely well designed and bug free intake forms that patients have found to be highly intuitive. Works seamlessly with Cliniko. Great company with quick and actionable customer service. Highly recommend.

The head-shot of a customer

William Camerer

Muna Osteopathy

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