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Beautiful paperless forms, for health professionals.

Impress patients with your consent, intake, registration and consultation forms on your iPads. Collect and store all their info – including signatures, selfies and even drawings – without any printing, filing or paper. Only $15 per month per iPad.

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See how Tauranga Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery uses Finger-Ink.

(spoiler alert: medical history and consent forms)

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Say goodbye to missed questions and errors.

Ever go through someone's form, only to find that they missed out a crucial piece of information?  Ever experience someone ticking all the boxes because they where overwhelmed?  

Finger-Ink solves this with it's unique step-by-step design.  Each question is clearly presented.  Questions that don't require answers can be skipped, while required questions prevent them from progressing until they've entered in an answer.

Greet new clients like you've known them for years.

Our photo screen lets you walk into your waiting room with confidence — addressing new patients directly without having to use their last name.  Plus, you'll never have to worry about breaching privacy – even if you have two people with the same name in the waiting room at the same time.

Your finger will never run out of ink.

You can accept as many signatures on a form as you need. Get your clients to sign their name for consent. Or if they're too young, their guardian. You can also sign the form yourself to indicate acceptance.

The signature itself will always remain attached to the filled form alongside the date and time it was signed. It can also be included in any exported PDF.

Don't file paper. Store PDFs, digitally.

Forget messy hand-writing.  Finger-Ink makes it easy for you to understand the answers on your forms by allowing you to export your forms as a PDF.  Our PDFs are clean, easy to read and look great when sent to colleagues or attached as notes.  

Finger-Ink can also export a summary PDF — where you decide which fields appear on the document.  We have surgeons using it as a reference during surgery and radiologists attaching it to their X-rays when they share them in their PACS system.

Packed with more features than you can shake a stick at.

Administer securely

Keep your information safe from prying eyes with our secure passcode functionality. A separate account passcode exists to stop accidental account or template changes.

Unlimited form templates

You'll be a whiz at making your own Finger-Ink forms in no-time with our built-in form template editor. Or just send us a scanned copy of your paper forms, and we'll convert them for you.

Launch straight into form filling

Configure some of your iPads to launch directly into a new form of your choosing — leave them out in reception and keep the rest for back office administration.

Add display logic

You don't need to ask men if they're pregnant, and you don't need to ask for a guardian's signature when they're over 30. Use Finger-Ink to prevent these questions from ever being shown unless the right conditions are present.

Send the forms to your other system

Easily export your forms as CSV file for easy integration with your other system. Have more complex needs?  No problem, we can work with you to solve any integration challenge.

Synchronise across iPads

Review or modify any form on any iPad. Your forms are synchronised on all your iPads – quickly and securely through our secure cloud.

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Start 2 month free trial
Start now and get 2 months of unlimited use for free. No obligations, no risks.