🇪🇺 GDPR tip: use our #privacy-policy hashtag to let patients agree to your privacy policy.

Had enough of scanning paper forms into Cliniko?

Go paperless
with Finger-Ink for Cliniko.

Capture patient info. & consent directly from your patients. On an iPad, in your waiting room — straight to Cliniko.
what your patients will see

How's it work?

When your patients first enter your waiting room, you hand them an iPad running the Finger-Ink for Cliniko app. The iPad guides them through a beautiful form (branded as your own) to record their information – their name, address, phone number etc.

Once they've answered all these questions, they'll be presented with a summary of the information they've entered, your terms and a button to confirm their details and sign with their finger.

Once completed, their patient record will be updated automatically in Cliniko, in real-time.

Patient intake infoavailable now

On completion of the built-in intake form, patient records are updated straight away in Cliniko, automatically.


Take signature for consentavailable now

On completion, a PDF copy of the filled form (complete with selfie and signature), is automatically attached to the patient record in Cliniko.

Custom formsavailable now

Pull in all your Treatment Note Templates, select the section(s) you'd like patients to answer, and start a form. On completion a draft treatment note is created against the patient record — allowing you to complete the rest using Cliniko.


Privacy policyavailable now

Record acceptance of your privacy policy and other agreements with our #hashtags feature. The answer feeds straight into the patient privacy policy consent flag on the patient record in Cliniko.

their details are updated automatically... magic!

Free 7-day trial, then just great value.

1 practitioner
5 practitioners
8 practitioners
12 practitioners
25 practitioners
The prices above are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and apply to Australian customers only. We also support customers paying in NZD, EUR, GBP, CAD, SGD and USD — roughly half of what you pay for Cliniko.

Your free 7-day trial will begin when you first connect the app to your Cliniko account.

It's never been easier to go paperless in Cliniko.