At home

Send your patients a link to fill out your forms in the convenience of their own home, or even on the go — our web forms work perfectly on any mobile device (Apple, Android etc.).

At home

Patient forms

Add your form links to your booking confirmation and reminder message templates. Responses come in. You decide what happens next.

New or existing patients

All web form responses get sent to the Portal Inbox. From there, you decide to create a new patient, update an existing one, or just delete the response.

Updates the patient record

Our forms also update fields on the patient record in Cliniko. Name, date of birth, email address, phone numbers — almost everything on the patient record!

Add a branded PDF

A pdf is generated from the completed form. It contains all questions, policies & answers. It can even even include your logo & address.

Get their consent

Add long policy text — privacy, cancellation, consent etc. Optionally require acceptance. The form will stop unless consent is given.

Add follow-up questions

"Have you seen a chiropractor before?" — ask for details only if they answer yes. That's visibility logic.

Guardian, sign here

Patients aren't the only ones who can sign. A witness can sign. How about a guardian, but only if the patient is under 16?

I, @first_names, accept...

Want to add the name of the patient, or one of their previous answers into some future text? Yep.

Works on your iPhone 3G

Our web forms work on all devices, of all sizes. That old flip phone? As long as it's got a web browser, sure!

Would you like to know more?

We've got a few videos that are worth watching in our web forms documentation area.

Web forms are waiting. Start your trial.

Officially, the free trial is 7 days — but we're always happy to extend it if you need more time.

"I wasn't sure about the cost. I had to weigh up if it was worth the investment. It was, because I save SOOOOO much time NOT having to scan/upload/fill in extra info into the client details at the end of each week!"

Alexia Langley


Wednesday, August 15, 2018