For amazing patient experiences in your clinic, you need the Finger-Ink for Cliniko iPad app. Self check-in & patient forms, in a purpose-built package.


Self check-in

Let patients check themselves in. You're notified when they arrive. No staff interaction required.



A subtle gradient & beautiful changing text grabs their attention. Your logo in the corner confirms they're in the right spot.


Privacy respecting

Built-in safeguards prevent the wrong patient from seeing sensitive information.



If you can select your date of birth, you can check in.



Require a form only for initial appointment types. Or only for another type. Or don't.


Patient forms

Today's appointments for all locations are synchronised with Cliniko. Select the appointment, select the form, hand the iPad to the patient. The patient fills out the form, and it flows through to Cliniko automatically.

Updates the patient record

Our forms update fields on the patient record in Cliniko. Name, date of birth, email address, phone numbers etc.— almost everything on the patient record!

Adds a branded PDF

A pdf is generated from the completed form. It contains all questions, policies & answers. You can even include your logo & address.

Notifies you of arrival

Upon form completion, the appointment is marked as "arrived". If you're in the Cliniko interface, you'll be alerted to that fact.

Gets their consent

Add long policy text — privacy, cancellation, consent etc. Optionally require acceptance. The form will stop unless consent is given.

Allows follow-up questions

"Have you seen a chiropractor before?" — ask for details only if they answer yes. That's visibility logic.

Guardian, sign here

Patients aren't the only ones who can sign. The practitioner can sign. A witness. How about a guardian, but only if the patient is under 16?

I, @first_names, accept...

Want to add the name of the patient, or one of their previous answers into some future text? Yep.

Pre-filled information

Existing information from the patient record is pre-filled before the patient sees the form — speeding up form filling.

Umm, who's this now?

Mistakes happen. Accidentally started a form for John and handed the iPad to Jill? The app will stop and ask for assistance.

That's not all folks

We've got some very boring documentation available on all this, if you really want to know what else is possible.

Get your iPad and connect.

Officially, the free trial is 7 days — but we're always happy to extend it if you need more time.

"I wasn't sure about the cost. I had to weigh up if it was worth the investment. It was, because I save SOOOOO much time NOT having to scan/upload/fill in extra info into the client details at the end of each week!"

Alexia Langley


Wednesday, August 15, 2018