Form editor

Purpose-built from the ground-up, the form editor gives you the flexibility you want in your forms. In the app. And on the web.

A browser screenshot of the Finger-Ink form editor.

Your own logo & background

The form editor will automatically sync your logo from your Cliniko online booking page. You can also change the background image on the introduction screen to anything you like.


Customise standard questions

Change "standard" questions like "Please enter your name". You can add fields to or remove fields from any screen, make any field required, add placeholders, and default values all over the show!


Add placeholders

Want to add the name of the patient, or one of their previous answers into some future text? Yep.


Customise your workflow

Decide what you want to happen after a form is filled. Maybe you just want patient information updated? Or a PDF generated? Or a treatment note created? You decide!


Show or hide

Don't ask everyone if they're pregnant. Fields, screens, signatures and entire sections can be shown or hidden based on the answers to previous questions with visibility logic.


Create treatment notes

Use Finger-Ink for canonical medical history forms. Half an intake form can be patient-facing, the other half practitioner-facing. Patients complete their half in Finger-Ink, practitioners complete their half in Cliniko. Pin the treatment note and there you go!


Drag 'n drop

Re-order fields, screens, or entire sections by grabbing them and moving them to a new location. Duplicate any field, screen, section, or even any form with the click of a button.


Sync your forms

Your forms are synchronised between all of your iPads and, of course, the web — so the days of having to import forms again and again are well in the past.

Want to dive deeper?

Grab a whisky, relax in your favourite easy chair, and explore the depths of our form editor documentation.

Try our form editor, free.

Officially, the free trial is 7 days — but we're always happy to extend it if you need more time.

“Extremely well designed and bug free intake forms that patients have found to be highly intuitive. Works seamlessly with Cliniko. Great company with quick and actionable customer service. Highly recommend."

William Camerer

Muna Osteopathy

Friday, August 10, 2018