Your patient data is safe.

GDPR compliant since 2018. Hosted on HIPAA compliant infrastructure — with access logs, secure backups, monitoring and encryption.


Encrypted on the iPad

We use Apple's Complete File Protection to ensure that your patient data is only accessible to the iPad when the Finger-Ink app is on screen. A passcode (that you set) prevents any patient accessing information they shouldn't.


Encrypted in the cloud

We now store patient data in the cloud. This, and your API keys are especially sensitive — so we've added an extra layer of encryption to both. In the very, very unlikely situation that our database is compromised, your data will still be safe.


Only stored while required

Any responses gathered by patients filling out your forms on the web are only stored on our cloud for as short a time as possible. As soon as the information is sent to Cliniko, the form response (and thus patient data) is erased forever.


HIPAA compliant infra.

Our infrastructure is managed by HIPAA compliant HealthcareBlocks — giving us encryption at rest and in transit, secure backups, access auditing and continuous monitoring. Please note, however, that we are not currently HIPAA compliant.

GDPR compliant

Yes, Finger-Ink is GDPR compliant. Check out our EU-Addendum, Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy.

Ready to start your free trial?

Officially, the free trial is 7 days — but we're always happy to extend it if you need more time.

"I just wanted to say (as I've pretty much spent the whole of the last 2 days playing with this form — some bits tricky at times — but love it!!!! The out come overall is fantastic (can't work out why some bits don't transfer in like other parts of Cliniko but LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it!! Just wanted to share that with you have great day 🌟"

James Tomkins

JET Podiatry

Sunday, January 31, 2021