Fair, predictable pricing

No hidden fees, no minimum contract, no forced upgrades, cancel any time.
by Clinic size
Unlimited forms, charged by the size of your clinic
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or by Form volume
Unlimited practitioners, charged by the number of completed forms each month
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All plans come with a 7-day free trial.
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Pricing Q&A
How does the 7-day free trial work?
When you first start using Finger-Ink, we give you the first 7 days free. If you need more time, we're more than happy to extend your trial.
What happens if I exceed my monthly form allowance?
When you exceed the amount of filled forms you're allowed in a month, we'll email you to let you know that you may want to upgrade. You will not be charged more or put on a higher plan.
Does Finger-Ink stop working if I exceed my allowance?
Nope. We just email you about it. The app continues to work as it always has, without limitation.
Will I get charged more if I go over my allowance?
Nope. We'll email you and let you know. If this happens often enough, we'll give you a call to talk you through your options.
What happens if I get more practitioners in a month?
If you're on the form volume plan, nothing. If you're on the unlimited forms plan, then we'll adjust your plan if neccessary. (i.e. if your new practitioner count puts you into the next tier — which will coincide with your Cliniko plan upgrade)
My form is 2 pages long, is this considered 1 or 2 forms when on the low form volume plan?
Just one form. Your form could be 20 pages long and it would still just count as one form.
How do I sign up to a specific plan?
Just download the app and start using it. When you first connect with your Cliniko API key, we create a Finger-Ink account for you using your email address that we get from Cliniko. Once your free trial expires, we send you a link to the activation page — and it's on that page you can choose your plan.
How do I lower my plan if I know I'm going to use less forms next month?
Just sign in to our secure account management portal and change your plan.
So I can just change my plan whenever I want?
Yes. If you're new to Finger-Ink (or even if you've been with us a while) — you can change your plan whenever it makes sense.
Do I get a refund if I change to a cheaper plan during the month, after already having paid for that month?
No — but the credit will remain on your account, and your next charge will take this credit into account. (e.g. if you paid $20 for the month, then immediately switched to a $10/mo plan, you'll have $10 credit on your account by the time next month rolls around — and thus get that next month for free).
Are there any feature differences between the plans?
Apart from the fact that the "practitioner" plan allows unlimited forms for limited practitioners, and the "form volume" plan allows unlimited practitioners for limited forms — no. All other functionality within the app remains the same.
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